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Late Autumn

Breeding: Yes
Birthing: No

Males: 6
Females: 5
Total: 11

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Delta ♂/♀
Guerrero ♂/♀
Explorador ♂/♀
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Solitario ♂/♀



Most Respected Wolves

Lupa - Alpha Female

Taciturn - Beta Male

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Lupa || Female || Alpha

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Lupa || Female || Alpha

Post by Lupa on Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:42 pm


Name: Lupa
Nickname(s): Lu, only by those who she allows
Name Pronunciation: Loo - pa
Gender: Female
Age: Two (2) Years
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Breed: 100% Canadian Grey Wolf
Former Rank: None
Current Rank: Alpha
Pack: Oscuridad


Pelt: Lupa's coat is pure black and thick, perfect for protecting herself from both bites and the cold. It is also great for when swimming, protecting her from the cold water. It is also great for when she is fighting, she uses it to her advantage, protecting her from some blows due to it's thickness.
Eyes: Lupa's eyes are a dark shade of brown, in the dark they are hardly visible.
Build: Lupa is taller than most, towering over a lot of wolves and standing 91cm to the shoulder. She is actually quite slim around the waist, sometimes getting comments about how thin she is, even with all the fur. Yet she is well muscled and a fighting machine, she ploughs through all the pain and doesn't show it until right at the end.
Voice: Her voice is quite deep and harsh but sometimes she can be sweet.
Her howl is loud and will echo around.
Native Language: Lupa's first language is Canadian English but she can also speak Spanish.
Height: 91 cm
Length: 194 cm
Weight: 36 kg


Lupa is loyal to her pack, she will not let them down and will protect them at all costs. Her aggression is prominent from her past life, a born fighter she carries an aggressive gene, both help her in fights. She is witty and clever along with strong minded and a quick thinker, all helping her with her duties. Being witty can help with strategies and her strong minded-ness makes her stand up for what she believes in, although sometimes that is a bad thing. She can be kind as well as aggressive and truly does want to make friends with others. Lupa will try hard to acquaint herself with others and protect them at the same time, she is always alert and often only sleeps in short naps unless she trusts whoever is on night watch.
She enjoys her freedom too and will often go out on strolls around the territory either with a close friend or alone. She also very stubborn, which is similar to her strong minded trait. Lupa doesn't hesitate to say things how they are, she says them bluntly no matter how others may react.

Likes: Fire, Protecting, Feeling Welcome, Strolls Alone, Fighting, Pleasing Others, Helping Others, Being Active, Snow
Dislikes: Laziness, Disloyalty, Wolves Asking Personal Questions
Strengths: Fighting, Being informative, Thinking of plans, Stubbornness (sometimes), Physical Strength, Quick thinking under pressure, Cunning
Weaknesses: Stubbornness, Plays to rough, Thinks to fast for others, She says things how they are which sometimes scares others.

Strength: 8/50
Speed: 5/50
Stamina: 7/50


Lupa was born into a pack in Canada. She had always been the fighting type since the days she could open her eyes, her parents had always said so. "Perfect fighter" is all Lupa heard her parents say everyday. Her father was not much of a fighter but her mother was a true warrior. Lupa ever since 2 months old wanted to become like her mother, a true warrior, she wanted to so badly that she begged her mother to train her up. It was lucky she said that, for none of them knew what was to come after another 8 months.

Lupa was put to the test, excelling in everything she did. "You take after your mother," her father once said. To Lupa this made her feel proud, her mother was not just any old wolf to the pack, she was THE fighter, something they never dreamed about having again. Like her mother, Lupa didn't need to be trained- she just needed to practice her skills against a worthy opponent, or go out alone and practice even more.

Once Lupa reached one she was more skilled than her mother at fighting, the pack was amazed and Lupa was to be the new heir to the lead rank- but a huge fight broke out with the neighbouring pack. Lupa and her mother fought on the front lines, their father stayed with the warriors, he was skilled enough to help them. Sadly only her mother and herself survived out of the fighting wolves but they both knew it wasn't over- they would come back. "We should all disperse," Lupa suggested to the survivors, "that way we'll have more of a chance."

The pack agreed and each went their separate ways, except Lupa and her mother who went together. They had only gone a few metres when suddenly wolves jumped out of nowhere, they ignored Lupa, though and went for her mother. "Go, Lupa!" Her mother yelled before she was attacked by the rival pack. Lupa ran, until she reached a good distance. The other wolves had not bothered to follow her so she lay there morning over her mother's loss. She wished it was her, but then she realised that morning was not what her parents would want. They'd want her to thrive and show the world her fighting strengths, continue becoming a true warrior. So that day Lupa began to treck aross the lands- a lone wolf- but a happy one. She fought those who tried to stand in her way, obtaining many scars but never giving up, for her family was her drive.

Then Lupa reached the Oscuridad lands and began to form her own pack, following in the paths of her parents and still fighting for survival; Oscuridad was created by her to protect all and to never let anyone be left out, it was also supposed to accept anyone with welcoming rank names that are all Spanish, except for Alpha, Beta and Delta.
Family: Rayas || Dame || Deceased
Xavier || Sire || Deceased
Rosemary || Sister || Unknown
Skye || Sister || Deceased
Scar || Brother || Unknown


Relationship Status: Single
Crush: None
Mate: None; Lupa did used to have a relationship with Taciturn
Best Friend: None
Friends: None
Acquaintances: None
Enemies: Lupa has many an enemy
Arch Enemy: The pack that killed her family.


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