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Late Autumn

Breeding: Yes
Birthing: No

Males: 6
Females: 5
Total: 11

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Lupa - Alpha Female

Taciturn - Beta Male

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Roleplay Rules

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Roleplay Rules

Post by Lupa on Sat Nov 07, 2015 9:29 pm

When you are roleplaying there are a few, simple rules that should be followed at all times, these are not to give you less fun/freedom but to ensure roleplaying in Oscuridad is enjoyable.

I. Do not post for attention.
This is extremely annoying, when you post make sure you do not continue to do so just so that your wolf gets all the attention; each person can chose who their wolf addresses, don't be offended and beg for attention through Roleplay or PM just wait until your wolf gets addressed.

II. Do not god-mod.
God-modding is both annoying and unacceptable, it means do not say things like: "Lupa runs into [name] and sends her flying". The person who is roleplaying that character needs the freedom to be able to post and decide how their character reacts, they may not want their character to fall over, therefore if you say that and a moderator/administrator hasn't yet told them to edit it but they've posted they have the right to ignore the " sends her flying" bit and choose their own fate.

III. Don't take offense.
Please do not take offense to anything that happens in the Roleplay, it is just Roleplay and nothing personal, if you take offense to anything then please do not continue to moan about it. The Roleplay is not to be taken to heart at all.

IV. Language/Cussing.
Cussing is allowed to a minimum standard in the Roleplay only, words such as "crap" are not considered as cussing but should not be used too much around the forum still. Please do not cuss to much in your Roleplay posts and only use it when appropriate.

V. Respect.
Respect is key for both the higher ranked wolves, for you character in Roleplay, and also from you to everyone else, out of Roleplay. Please respect everyone; even if you are a higher ranked wolf you still need to show them respect, even in Roleplay! If you don't show any respect you may have to be moved to an aprendiz to re-learn everything you have done, in Roleplay.

VI. Realism.
This pack is only semi-realistic but you cannot do things that a wolf would not be able to do other than speaking and healing to a degree. Both this an completely unrealistic eye colours are forbidden, you cannot have mood eyes etc.

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