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Late Autumn

Breeding: Yes
Birthing: No

Males: 6
Females: 5
Total: 11

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Solitario ♂/♀



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Lupa - Alpha Female

Taciturn - Beta Male

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Kaput | Curador | Femme

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Kaput | Curador | Femme

Post by Kaput on Sun Nov 22, 2015 12:42 pm


Basic Information
Femme (Female)
3 Summers of age
Bi-sexual (Verging A)
Canis Lupus/Canis Lupus Lupus

With a derma of tawny hues, this fae has a colour scheme of neutral browns and the odd vibrant shade. Her muzzle, atop her crown and the tips of her ears are a bright red clay tone. These colours are cut off from the rest of the sporting browns as a darkened umber/cedar takes over, they line her haunches, hackles, shoulders and the edges of her cheeks before diluting into the creamier white and fawny colourings. The shades of umber and cedar reappear amongst her tail tip. Kaput's muzzle is covered with a pearl tone that reaches from her nose into a bib across her chest. It further carries on over the ends of her ribs to her soft abdomen.
Kaput is built with an athletic structure to her bones. Her frame, though not tall, is rather slink and lean. Her bodice moulding into the curves of her waist that transform into the wide birthing hips god had given her. Her tail is long, hanging two to three inches from the ground; it's length causes it to brush over most foliage. Kaput's crown carries slightly rounded, yet quite tall, auditiories. This feature heightens her hearing to the maximum. The fae's muzzle is also quite long, though normal for her frame, it holds a small ridge forming upon the bridging of her snout.
Her optics are coloured with a finely dispersed amber, it's darkened shade leaving a ring around the edge of her iris and pupil. This causes a dreamier effect, the lighter and darker shades causing a pool that anyone could fall in.

Mass, Height, Length
M - 45kg (av)
H - 87cm (av)
L - 110cm (av)

Kaput is sweet in nature. she has a bubbly and friendly  personality that shows through in her wolfish smile. There has always been a sweet side to her and that was all that was mentioned until a couple of months ago. She has a darker appearance that most would believe. She is maleficent. It takes a lot for this side to come out, the only ones who have seen it is her old birthing pack.

- Forestry
- Vegetation/Herbs
- Being alone/out of reach
- Further Knowledge

- Being belittled
- Winter
- Open spaces
- Being put on the spot

- High levels of fortitude
- Sneak, staying hidden.
- Great sense of smell.
- Over-sensitive hearing

- Her height (cannot see far)
- Clumsy, out of place.
- Water/Swimming
- Left side.

History: She prefers not to talk about her history. Her nickname says it all. She is broken. She is useless.
Family: Unknown (Mother, Father, Sister/Brothers), Snafu (male pup)

Crushing on: N/A
Mated with: N/A
Litters: 1 (out of matelock)
Pups: Snafu (m)
Best Friend: N/A
Friends: N/A
Acquaintances: Taciturn.
Enemies: Her birthpack
Arch enemies: None as of yet.

Stamina: 9
Speed: 8
Strength: 8


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Re: Kaput | Curador | Femme

Post by Taciturn on Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:06 pm

Accepted - Your biography will be moved to 'Accepted Biographies' after your first post.

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