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Late Autumn

Breeding: Yes
Birthing: No

Males: 6
Females: 5
Total: 11

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Mating and Birthing Guide

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Mating and Birthing Guide

Post by Lupa on Sun Nov 08, 2015 9:25 am

This is a guide for mating, birthing and pregnancy in the Roleplay.


  • Do not get graphic in the Roleplay, it is inappropriate. If you really want to do that please do it through PM only if both of you agree to it,
  • We have a breeding season, commonly it is in the Winter but you may breed if the Roleplay season widget says you can.
  • You do not have to be in a relationship with said wolf  to mate, if the bitch is in heat you may mate her ONLY if you have the permission from the person roleplaying their character.
  • Post in the Relationship Tracker list that you and your mate are mates AND remember to update your biography with you Crush (when they are your wolf's crush) and then with Mate (when they are your wolf's mate) so we can keep track of it.


  • If you want to do an extremely graphic/gory birth do it through PM
  • Make the birth as realistic as possible, you may describe but just not in too much detail, describing your wolf's emotions etc is probably the best bet.
  • You can only give birth when the Roleplay widget says it is birthing season and on your due date.


  • Once your wolf become pregnant you will need to inform and admin, through the shop, and purchase a dice roll to see how many pups you will have. You can either pay full price on one parent's account or split the price between you in any way.
  • You need to be patient with the pregnancy, it will last 9 weeks, the mother will not be able to do everything she normally did once it hits the later stages of pregnancy.
  • You can roleplay the pups yourself or you can put them up for adoption by another member, whatever you do you must make sure they get roleplayed.

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