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Roleplay Information

Late Autumn

Breeding: Yes
Birthing: No

Males: 6
Females: 5
Total: 11

Open ranks
Beta ♀
Delta ♂/♀
Guerrero ♂/♀
Explorador ♂/♀
Centinela ♂/♀
Curador ♂/♀
Aprendiz ♂/♀
Cachorro ♂/♀
Solitario ♂/♀



Most Respected Wolves

Lupa - Alpha Female

Taciturn - Beta Male

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General Site Rules

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General Site Rules

Post by Lupa on Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:18 am

I. Keep it appropriate, do not cuss too much and don't share any inappropriate links/videos/pictures or there shall be consequences.

II. Never give out any personal information. Eg phone numbers, full name, address etc. It is not a good idea because even though you might think you know a person, you really don't know what they're like outside of Roleplay.

III. The maximum width of your avatar may be 200px, it is preferred that you use 150px.

IV. Do not bully, all members should always feel welcome and never feel left out. If a member feels they are being bullied action will be taken straight away.

V. Everything posted here by anyone belongs to them, do not use anything from here without permission to do so.

VII. If you're going away remember to give us an EfA, that way we won't make you an inactive member if enough time passes.

VIII. Try to stay active, both members and staff need to stay active or we'll fall apart.

IX. Don't SPAM, SPAM is messages that are not needed or constant posting to get attention, if you attempt to SPAM for skulls then you shall be warned not to do it again.

X. Try to make Roleplay posts at least 50 words but if you really can't make that they MUST be at least 10 sentences long. All other forum posts should be 3 words long and relevant - unless it is in the games board then you can use however many you need.

XI. Fill out the appropriate profile fields before you begin roleplaying.

XII. Respect the words of the staff members, what they say is final, you can't argue it back.

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