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Late Autumn

Breeding: Yes
Birthing: No

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Total: 11

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Post by Pandora on Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:16 pm

Basic Information
Name: Pandora Antiope(an-ty'-oh-pee)
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Canis lupus arctos
Rank: Curador

Pelt: Pandora has a specific white pelt for her species. When her pelt is clean you can easilly describe the coulour as a pearly one. But if she is careless it can easilly turn into a grayish colour.
Build: Pandora is an averge looking wolf, she is slim wich makes her pretty fast. Although she isn't a muscular wolf her body is well defined every curve and inch of her body looking like she was drawn.
Eyes: Her eyes are blue. Not a very deep blue, or ice blue. A regular blue that had a little bit of a gray tone into it. Her mother used to say the greyish her eyes were the meaner she'll get.
Height: 28 inches
Length: 4.5 feet
Weight: 65 pounds

Personality: Pandora can be called a controversial wolf. You don't know when her mood is going to change from nice to mean. She can easily be teased but most of the time she is repetitious and has everything under control. It takes a time until she can trust someone but having a friend like her it's a bless sometimes. Often flirty even when she has no feelings or emotions for that wolf. Likes to play with others mind and she often has a superior attitude but she can change that if you let her know you don't like it.
Likes: -to be in control of situation
                        -loyal friends
                        -taking care of wolves in need
Dislikes:-to be judged
                             -living to someone expectation
                             -to be in love(she finds herself week whenever she has strong feeling for someone)
Strengths: She is a really fast wolf. She can easily adapt to any temperature and she is emotionally strong so any crisis situations won't effect her mental health.
Weaknesses: Puppies and anything that has to do with family and relationships. She gets emotional to this kind of stuffs.

History:She grew up in a big pack. Her mother taught her everything she knows about curing another wolf. One day her pack got in a big fight with another pack. She ran away along her sisters but she got lost. Never found them again and started a solitary life She is used with being alone so she loves silence.
Family: She had two loving parents, two sisters and one brother that now she can only see then in her memories and gave up in searching them.

Relationship Status:Single
Best Friend:-
Arch enemy:-


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Re: Pandora||Curador

Post by Taciturn on Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:28 pm

Accepted - Your biography with be moved to 'Accepted Biographies' once you have written your first post.

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